Pia Niedermeier

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German Security Policy on the Move – Challenges In and Post Afghanistan

In this Transatlantic Perspectives essay, DAAD/AICGS Fellow Pia Niedermeier writes that Germany has arguably changed policy amid domestic and international constraints and has become an active partner in the ISAF mission in Afghanistan despite prior reservations. Ms. Niedermeier contends that two main challenges remain for German-American relations and Germany’s role in the transatlantic alliance in and beyond this mission – a narrative gap and a strategic gap – which need to be addressed to ensure that all sides are on the same page for future missions.

German Policy on Libya: Right on Substance, Short on Style

When it comes to Libya, the Merkel government finds itself on the defensive on many fronts, writes DAAD/AICGS Fellow Pia Niedermeier. The German government has correctly pointed out that a political vision for the conflict is missing, Ms. Niedermeier argues, but it must also take the blame for not developing such a vision together with its partners.