Notizen Weekly for January 13, 2017

A Collection from This Week’s News on Important Issues for German-American Relations

Business and Economics

Don’t expect Trump-style protectionism from Germany (Reuters)

F.B.I. arrests Volkswagen executive on conspiracy charges in emissions scandal (NYT)

German GDP Grows at Fastest Rate in Five Years (Wall Street Journal)

Trump pledge sends German pharma firms’ stocks down (The Local Germany)

EU and U.S. strike deal to boost transatlantic insurance market (Reuters)

Foreign and Domestic Policy

Angela Merkel warns EU should not rely on ‘eternal’ US support (Business Standard)

Trump denies reports of Russia ties and asks, ‘Are we living in Nazi Germany?’ (Washington Post)

Security chief: Germany must go on cybersecurity offensive (Politico)

Germany detained 900 human traffickers in 2016 (DW)

Trump acknowledges Russia role in U.S. election hacking (Reuters)

US sends troops to Germany, message to Putin (CNN)

Germany’s Merkel calls for ‘cross-border cooperation’ on EU security (DW)

Society, Culture and Politics

Germany threatens to cut development aid to countries that refuse rejected asylum seekers (DW)

Former German president Roman Herzog dies at 82 (USA Today)

Germany dubs ‘national traitor’ derogatory buzzword of the year (DW)

Germany takes harder look at child marriages (USA Today)

Germany is sued in U.S. over early-1900s Namibia slaughter (Reuters)

Fewer Migrants Entered Germany in 2016, and Rejections Increased (NYT)