Notizen Weekly for December 2, 2016

A Collection from This Week’s News on Important Issues for German-American Relations

Business and Economics

Obama is poised to block a Chinese company from buying Aixtron SE in Germany (Bloomberg)

As Trump prepares for office, concerns about China trade intensify (The Washington Post)

German scholars positive about Trump investment plans (DW)

EU court asks: Is Uber an app or taxi service? (Reuters)

US Company Carrier will receive $7 million in tax breaks to keep jobs in Indiana (WSJ)

EU neighbors push back against Germany’s road toll plans (DW)

Foreign and Domestic Policy

Angela Merkel’s election has taken on Hillary Clinton’s aura of inevitability (Politico)

Japan and Germany must carry heavy Trump burden (Bloomberg)

Supreme Court weighs jailed immigrants’ right to periodic hearings (NYT)

Russia hackers: German spy chief Kahl warns of election disruption (BBC)

Germany Arrests Suspected Islamist Mole Found Working in Spy Agency (WSJ)

What Trump Can Do About Cybersecurity (Bloomberg)

Society, Culture and Politics

Conflict of Facebook and German authorities on hate speech posts continues (NYT)

Obama won’t send official delegation to Cuba for Fidel Castro’s funeral (The Guardian)

Refugee comedy is German box office sensation (The Guardian)

Election recount – Trump claims that ‘millions of people’ voted illegally (NYT)

German officials concerned about upcoming election in France (The Local Germany)


On December 8, 2016, DAAD/AICGS Research Fellow Anna Stahl will present her research in a seminar, “Transatlantic Relations in a Changing World Order: U.S. and European Responses to China’s Rise in Africa.”

Maria-Elisabeth Schaeffler-Thumann, leader in the high tech manufacturing industry, receives the 2016 Global Leadership Award