Notizen Weekly for November 4, 2016

A Collection from This Week’s News on Important Issues for German-American Relations

Business and Economics

German Delegation arrives in China just hours after senior German embassy official was summoned to discuss blocking of investment deal (WSJ)

Economists urge Germany to keep door open to Chinese companies (Financial Times)

Lingering xenophobia and immigration clashes bad for business in Germany (The Washington Times)

World’s first zero-emission hydrogen train to begin operations in Germany (CNN)

Unemployment in Germany falls again (DW)

Foreign and Domestic Policy

Europe grows wary of a Berlin after Brexit – The exit of Germany’s counterweight in the EU means an impending imbalance of power (WSJ)

The U.S. presidential candidates and the importance of cybersecurity (Forbes)

Germany hits delay with climate-change plan ahead of U.N. meeting (DW)

Germany suggest permanent autonomous structures on EU level to carry out joint military operations (Huffington Post)

Turkey’s Erdogan says Germany has become “haven for terrorists” (Reuters)

Germany’s Steinmeier warns UK not to delay Brexit talks (Reuters)

Society, Culture and Politics

German conservatives agree not to party together – disagreement about migrants (Reuters)

A U.S. conservative group tried to depict Germany under radical Islamist control (The Washington Post)

Deal brings free access to YouTube music videos in Germany (DW)

In a tightened race, Clinton and Trump make urgent push to get out the vote (WP)

First comedy movie that tackles refugee crisis starts in German theaters (The Guardian)

Humboldt Forum: ‘Germany’s most ambitious cultural project’ reveals concept (DW)