Notizen Weekly for October 14, 2016

A Collection from This Week’s News on Important Issues for German-American Relations

Business and Economics

US and Europe become more serious with company crackdowns (WP)

Nuclear power plant was disrupted by cyber attack in Germany (Reuters)

Germany’s banking problem is bigger than Deutsche Bank: political and legislative hurdles make consolidation difficult (WSJ)

Photovoltaic company Pfalzsolar GmbH extends its business to the US (PV Magazine)

Foreign and Domestic Policy

Germany wants to limit jobless benefits for other EU citizens (DW)

Europe May Finally End Its Painful Embrace of Austerity (NYT)

Germany votes to ban internal combustion engine cars by 2030 (WP)

German cabinet approves more troops for air surveillance of Islamic State (Reuters)

Terror Suspect Found Dead in German Jail Cell Had Traveled to Syria (WSJ)

Society, Culture and Politics

Germany’s interior minister seeks to further limit asylum exceptions (DW)

Germany’s number of new asylum-seekers is lower than in 2015 so far this year (WP)

How Trump and Clinton’s immigration plans would affect the US (WP)

German National Soccer Team is in control of World Cup qualifying (WP)

Political candidate’s position on cybersecurity impacts millennials’ vote (CBS News)

Germany’s president Gauck states faith as “irrelevant” as a qualification for his successor in office (DW)


Next week, we host our German-American youth exchange program on the theme “Immigration, Integration, and a New Transatlantic Generation.”

On October 27, DAAD/AICGS Resident Fellow Ron Linden will present his seminar, “Is China’s ‘One Road’ an Autobahn? Implications of the Changing German-Chinese Relationship.”