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Golden Opportunity – The Refugee Crisis’s Economic Potential for Germany

Last fall at the 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show, Dr. Dieter Zetsche, Chairman of the Board at Daimler AG, Head of Mercedes-Benz, and recipient of the 2015 Global Leadership Award abruptly …

Impact of the Paris Attacks on Immigration Policy

After the worst attacks on French soil since World War II, anxiety is growing across Europe—including in Germany—on the topic of immigration. The Paris attacks have raised fears that IS …

Risky Business

A delegation of business leaders, led by German economics minister Sigmar Gabriel, visited Iran in July, just weeks after the U.S. and Iran reached a nuclear deal. Although some are …

Immigration Developments

As the influx of migrants making the strenuous trip to Europe continues, it is becoming obvious that if Europe as whole does not agree on a unified solution, it will …