Miranda A. Schreurs

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Intellectual Property Rights and Green Technology Transfer: German and U.S. Perspectives

While environmental concerns have recently taken a backseat to the economic and financial crisis, scientific projections on climate change continue to call for action. Yet, international cooperation has been hampered …

Germany’s Environmental Transformation: From Pollution Haven to Environmental Leader

After World War II, both East and West Germany were focused on reconstruction and promoting economic development, and very little attention was given to environmental protection in the quest to rebuild. In this Transatlantic Perspectives essay, Professor Miranda Schreurs, Director of the Environmental Policy Research Centre and a regular participant in AICGS programs, examines how Germany transitioned from an environmental mess to become a global environmental leader, focusing on a transition of values as well as the role of unification in this process.

Federalism and Environmentalism in the United States and Germany

In an increasingly interwoven and interdependent transatlantic community, the political decision-making process is expanding both horizontally and vertically. The actors on the policy stage are multiplying at all levels. The …