Notizen Weekly for November 3

A Collection from This Week’s News on Important Issues for German-American Relations


The limits of Russian sanctions (Handelsblatt)

Visegrad cools on Europe and each other (Politico)

The Bitcoin bubble (The Economist)

Weakened NAFTA, WTO would pave way for conflict (The Wall Street Journal)

Foreign and Domestic Policy

EU silence over Catalan leader’s call for action speaks volumes (The Guardian)

The Paradox of Uzbek Terror (Foreign Affairs)

Germany receives embarrassingly poor report on eve of major climate conference in Bonn (Handelsblatt)

The battle for Austria’s Right is a harbinger for the rest of Europe (Foreign Policy)

Society, Culture & Politics

Martin Luther’s daring revolution: The Reformation 500 years on (Deutsche Welle)

Can Germany fix Facebook? (The Atlantic)

Who wins and who loses from the Republican tax plan (The New York Times)