Notizen Weekly for January 20, 2017

A Collection from This Week’s News on Important Issues for German-American Relations

Business and Economics

Germany Should Not Fear Trump (Handelsblatt Global)

Should German carmakers be alarmed? (DW)

Bank of England Governor: Bank will protect economic growth (U.S.News)

IMF boosts growth forecast for US, cites Trump impact (Southern Business Journal)

U.S. Ambassadors in Asia make Final Plea for Dead Trans-Pacific Trade Pact (NYT)

Oracle sued by Labor Department for paying white men more (USA Today)

Foreign and Domestic Policy

German parliament legalizes cannabis for medical consumption (DW)

Facebook Pushes back as Germany Weighs Fines for Malicious Posts (Bloomberg)

Germany spends more on defense but misses NATO target (BBC News)

U.S. housing starts surge in December; jobless claims near 43-year low (Reuters)

Dear Donald Trump: A letter from Cuba (Aljazeera)

Society, Culture and Politics

In Germany, a Far-Right Leader Stirs a Long-Suppressed Nationalism (NYT)

Touring CSO and Muti help launch cultural landmark for a new Germany (Chicago Tribune)

The U.S. is Suing its Largest Student Loan Servicer Because it “Failed” Borrowers (Fortune)

60 Democrats (and counting) are not attending the Trump inauguration (USA Today)

‘Haley to embody vibrant parts of American society before UN’ (The Times of India)